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Claus Schultze, alias i-blogger, is Director of ERRIN, the European Regions Research and Innovation Network.

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ERRIN is a Brussels-based network of 70 dynamic EU regions. It promotes knowledge exchange, joint action and project partnerships among its members with the aim to strengthen their region’s research and innovation capacities.

ERRIN is action-oriented. Its focus is on sharing knowledge, building (project) partnerships and engaging in (policy) debate. Its members represent the triple-helix of government, research and business organisations. It curently has working groups on Innovation Funding, Energy, Biotechnology, ICT, Health, Space, Transport, and Science in Society and Human Ressources

Please contact me at Claus.Schultze(at)errin.eu or check our website if you are interested in ERRIN activities and membership.

Disclaimer: The opinions Claus expresses in his blog are not necessarily the opinions of ERRIN.

If you would like to contribute your opinions and insights into issues relevant to regional research and innovation, feel free to comment or send your contributions to claus.schultze (at) errin.eu.

Requests for anonymity will be respected.

P.S. Since I am flooded with spam comments, please directly to me, if you want to post a comment.

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