Now DG Enterprise has an interesting approach. They say (and it’s a bit of a mantra) that networking is a thing of the past. What they say they are missing in most networks is a “do-it” mentality as opposed to a talking shop. While that sounds a bit one-sided it is certainly an interesting point of view and is founded on their experiences with supporting networks. More importantly it shapes the second generation of Pro-Inno and Europe-Innova initiatives.

Their work programme is pretty clear on that. They want to promote more professionalism and quality management and move from the facilitation of networking to true partnerships by promoting active cooperation between cluster organisations from different Member States and regions, developing better practice instead of disseminating good practice, promoting leading edge not level playing field

Looking at their strategic initiatives (e.g. Pro-Inno and Europe Innova, their Lead Market Initiative, the European Cluster Alliance), their websites and strategic calls one cannot help feeling that these guys have a proper knowledge management strategy and know where they want to go.

So I am very pleased that DG Enterprise agreed to join our debate on “Harnessing Web 2.0. and Knowledge Management for better regional cooperation” on 9 October in Brussels (see my post below or go to errin.eu for more information and registration). They will present their plans on creating a Partnering Forum, which in the Pro Inno work programme is described as an open platform for mutual learning between innovation support providers in Europe. The Partnering Forum will be announced in a call to be expected later this month. So let’s hear, what makes this initiative different from a network.

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