Erasmus for entrepreneurs


DG Enterprise asks us to help them choose a name for a new EU mobility programme for young entrepreneurs. According to the information posted on their website, this new EU programme, like the ERASMUS programme for students, will promote mobility for entrepreneurs in Europe. It will offer people in the early stages of entrepreneurship (young entrepreneur) the opportunity to learn from established and successful entrepreneurs (host entrepreneurs) in another country. According to a related feasibility study the scheme has a number of potential merits, such as accelerating pan-European business development.

I am not sure how it will work out for entrepreneurs, but as a student I benefited enormously from ERASMUS and see myself as being part of the ERASMUS generation, that created a new breed of Europeans.

Anyway, DG Enterprise proposes five acronyms to choose from (E3, Mentor, Mercurius, Mine, Neo). I personally like Mercurius the most. According to Wikipedia. “mercurius” stands for quicksilver, a chemical element that under normal conditions is liquid. Now that is something that relates perfectly to the current banking crisis, which is everything but normal, and in which a lot of hopeful entrepreneurs find themselves being rather non liquid, i.e cut off by the banks.

But to be honest, I don’t really like any of the acronyms proposed by the Commission. Let’s be creative. I propose my own acronym: Moped – Mobility Programme for entrepreneurial dynamics. I guess it’s time the Commission opens up to crowdsoucing 🙂

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