I had announced this in a previous blog entry (see: “If you can google it, it’s real”). However, it took quite a bit longer than anticipated. Sorry for that: But now it is finally online: The video stream of Christopher Perrien’s Web 2.0 key-note at the ERRIN Open Days seminar of 9 October 2008 (“Harnessing the potential of Web 2.0. and knowledge management for improved regional cooperation”). Christopher is Internet Strategist at IBM in the United States. To view his inspiring presentation Click here.

For all friends of web 2.0: This is not a simple video stream. Bernd Idl and his “webaholix” team in Vienna/Bratislava (www.webaholix.com) have programmed an innovative little tool for us that lets us synchronize the speaker video with the slides or with any other supporting documents. It is based on Open Source software and not only easy to use at the front-end, but also at the back-end.

We will make more use of this tool in the future and will share interesting presentations with you (of course only, if our speakers agree). We also plan to possibly further extend this platform by building interactive tools around it that let people comment and further enrich the presentations with their own experiences and examples.

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