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Here is my light reading weekend post: I came across this absolutely cool new campaign by Intel. Designed by the Ad agency Venbables Bell & Partners, it is branding the company as “sponsors of the future” and making rockstars out of scientists (“Your rockstars aren’t like our rockstars”). Check out the video on you tube, it’s real fun. It shows the way forward in science communication, promoting role models for science and the knowledge society!

And if I may insert this little digression on role models quoting from an NYT article about Bhutan, the happy mountain kingdom (now a constitutional monarchy), that is measuring the success of its socio-economic model through “72 indicators of happiness”*. This is about the effect of introducing television in the country: “Before June 1999 if you asked any young person who is your hero, the inevitable response was, ‘The king,’ ” Mr. Dorji said. “Immediately after that it was David Beckham, and now it’s 50 Cent, the rap artist. Parents are helpless.” If we want to become the leading knowledge-based economy our teenager’s role modes should be nobel prize winners…

P.S. Hello, Ms. Wallström, why can’t we have such a cool ad campaign for the EU? Sponsors of the future, yeah! Europe’s got talent…

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