Euractiv reports that Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt thinks the Lisbon Agenda has failed in putting Europe on the map for the world’s most innovative region. Sweden will hold the EU Presidency for the second half of this year starting 1st July and preparing for a ”bumpy ride”.

“Even if progress has been made it must be said that the Lisbon Agenda, with only a year remaining before it is to be evaluated, has been a failure,” he wrote in a joint article with his finance minister, Anders Borg. He said the strategy to make Europe the most dynamic and competitive region by 2010 should be rebooted.

The reboot will come as discussions on Post-Lisbon are already underway, but the question is whether we need a new operating system, open source involving European regions much more than before and investing in their RTI capabilities, for instance. No question, Post-Lisbon needs to be re-rooted in the regional research and innovation ecologies!

ERRIN and the Lisbon Regions Network will highlight and debate this during their forthcoming joint conference on 18 June in Brussels on “Lisbon Strategy Post 2010: Regional strategies for innovation!”:

In 2009 the current Lisbon Strategy will end its 10 year-run, in the midst of the most severe economic slump the European Union has witnessed since its foundation in 1957. The European Commission will present a new strategy at the end of 2009. This new strategy will have to face up to the challenges of severe economic restructuring and job losses. Investment in economic clusters combining innovation, education and research are key elements to bring Europe’s knowledge economy back on track and should feature prominently in the new strategy. Such investment should be accompanied by regional innovation strategies that enhance competitiveness through upgrading innovation policies, infrastructure and the regional talent pool.

This seminar will contribute to thinking on the future Lisbon Strategy and promote an opportunity to members of the two networks to both understand and shape future EU policy in this area. Two high-level EU policy experts will share current thinking on research and innovation challenges and discuss the role of regions in developing better innovation strategies. The seminar will also showcase two good practice examples of regional innovation highlighting the ‘triple helix’ roles of companies, universities and research institutes and public administrations.

For more info contact the ERRIN Secretariat.

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